Vatan Kablo Armoured Cable - 3 core x 2.5mm (per metre)

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Vatan Kablo electrical cable Armoured Black - 3 core 2.5mm - per metre

Vatan Cables Armoured  BLACK 3 x 2.5MM

Made in Turkey

Product characteristics

For indoor, outdoor and underground installation in ducts and in the open where better mechanical protection is required, or for higher tensile stress during installation and operation. Suitable for comparatively high ambient temperature due to high maximum permissible conductor temperature.

    Technıcal Data

    Permissible operating temp. : 90 °C

    Maximum short circuit temp. : 250 °C (for +  5 second)

    Test voltage (AC): 3.5 kV

    Installation temp. min: -5 °C

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