Uponor Brass Manifold

Dimension: G 1" - 2 x 16mm
Sale priceRs 2,070.00


Uponor Uni-C manifold male female thread S - Made of tin-plated brass - with 1" for male thread or female thread, outlets 1/2" male thread fits to Uponor Manifold adapter.

Entirely designed to make the installation work as easy as possible, the flexible Uponor PEX pipe system is the ideal solution for installation tasks for safe drinking water and heating installation systems.

Uponor PEX pipes are plastic plumbing pipes of high quality and meet all requirements for hygienic installation. They do not give off taste, odour, heavy metals or hazardous substances to the drinking water. The thermal memory of the pipes gives you the opportunity to use the unique coupling technology Uponor Q&E (Quick & Easy). For quick and easy with the world's safest connection technology!

Application areas:

  • Tap water connections
  • Radiator connections
  • Ideal for new builds and renovations

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