Tape Copper (Tinned Flexible Braided) 25x3.5mm (roll of 25m or 50m)

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Roll Size: 25m
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Tape Copper (Tinned Flexible Braided) Dimension: 25 x 3.5mm - roll of 25m or 50m

Tinned copper earth braids are used to connect metal structures, frames, racks, electrical cabinets and machines to create the conditions required to ensure equipotentiality of installations. The mechanical structure of the braid allows flexibility and resistance to torsion and offers optimal contact by means of a bolted connection. The copper guarantees an excellent electrical conduction and the tin plating ensures a protection against corrosion.

  • Dimensions: 25mm x 3.5mm (W x H)
  • Standard Coil Size: 25m & 50m


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