Sukar Triangular Shower Drain (slot grate)

Length: 280 x 190 x 100 cm
Sale priceRs 6,354.00


Sukar Triangular Shower Drain (slot grate) - Available in 280 x 190 x 100 cm or 235 x 255 x 104 cm  

Side Outlet Standard Drains. Self sloped and clawed bottom body, anti-odor safety installation drains.



- Stainless steel grate provides long product life.

- It has Sukar's patented without water anti-odor Kokumatik (Odormatic). This helps protection against odors and bugs while there's no water in the system.

- Slope on the bottom body hasten water flow.

- Clawed bottom of the bottom body increases the adhesion strength to the screed.


Areas of use:

- Wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and terraces,

- Restaurants, mess halls and industrial sites,

- Terminals, airports and such public places,

- Dressing rooms, Bathhouses,

- Service areas of hospitals and hotels.

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