Sukar Line-3G Shower Drain (plain grate) - Available in 60 or 80 cm

Length: 60 cm
Sale priceRs 4,830.00


Sukar Line-3G Shower Drain (plain grate) - 60 or 80 cm length


Length: 60cm, 80cm

Width: 6 cm

Height (h): 8 cm

Outlet Diameter : Ø 50

Suitable for liquid insulation, two-tier draining, plastic case


Thanks to its plastic insulation skirt, it enables water insulation in water leak points between the final ceramic layer and the drain and ensures regular ceramic application. It has 304 quality stainless steel grate.

360 rotatable laminated sealed ring bottom body enables connection to installation pipe from any direction. Suitable for baseboard applications.

Height adjustment legs provide easy installation, enables application of leveling concrete at any level required.

Areas of Use:

It provides economic solution in insulated or uninsulated showers and two-tier draining feature can be added as desired. It can be used in baseboard applications; Bathroom Showers Saunas and SPAs Hospital and hotel shower Dressing rooms and showers of fitness centers

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