Sukar Ceramic compatible Drain - Available in 60, 80 or 90 cm

Length: 80 cm
Sale priceRs 6,900.00


Sukar Ceramic compatible Drain  - Available in 60, 80 or 90 cm

Sukar Line2 Linear Shower Drain with Ceramic Compatible Grate, Twin Drain, 60 cm, Matte Stainless Steel, Plastic Case Sliding Insulation


Sukar Line 2 60 cm Ceramic Compatible Chrome Shower Drain

. Sliding Insulation Compatible
. Twin Expenses
. Plastic Case
. 304 quality stainless steel grill
. Grille height adjustment frame
. Plastic case with mesh skirt reinforced with adherence enhancing textile membrane
. Aqueous system odor inhibitor (Optional)


. It is 100% compatible with all sliding waterproofing materials thanks to its mesh skirt and textile layer integrated with its lower body.
. It can be easily connected to the plumbing pipe coming from all directions with its 360-rotating laminated gasket bottom body.
. Its height-adjustable feet facilitate assembly and allow pouring of slope concrete at the desired height.

Usage areas

. A twin expense application will be made
. Bathroom showers
. Floor-standing showers without wall-mounted application
. Saunas and spas
. Hospital and hotel showers
. Fitness center changing rooms and showers
. Communal baths and baths


Ease of Installation

. 360 rotatable lower body can be adjusted according to the installation direction, providing ease of assembly.
. Thanks to the height-adjustable feet, the system is kept in balance while the slope screed is poured
. The mesh insulation skirt integrated with the upper body is placed between the sliding insulation layers applied on the slope screed. Thanks to this application, the integration of the insulation material and the strainer is ensured.
. With the height adjustment frame, it is possible to adjust the level of the grill according to the height of the ceramic.
. The system has a twin drain feature.

Box contents

. Grid height adjustment frame, 304 quality stainless steel grate, water system anti-odor, reinforced with adherence-increasing textile insulation membrane, mesh skirt plastic body, 360° rotatable laminated gasket Ø50 diameter ABS lower body


Dimensions: 60cm

Colour: Chromium
Grid Pattern: Ceramic Compatible

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