SikaTop® 107 Protection 25kg (Waterproofing for concrete)

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SikaTop®-107 Protection: Pre-dosed Hydraulic Micro-Mortar, 'Flexible', for Concrete Protection and Waterproofing.sika mauritius

Presented as a two-component pre-dosed kit. Apply with roller, brush, or spray.

Easy to use:

  • pre-dosed product.
  • Meets NF P 95103 requirements for concrete protection work.
  • Applicable on damp surfaces.


      Concrete Structure Protection: SikaTop®-107 Protection meets the requirements of standard NF EN 1504-9 for the following protection scenarios:

      1. Protection against penetration risks (Principle 1, Method 1.3).
      2. Moisture control (Principle 2, Method 2.3).
      3. Increased concrete resistivity (Principle 8, Method 8.3).
      4. Safeguarding concrete against atmospheric threats, carbonation, and aggressive environments (e.g., pure water, aggressive waters). Preferably use SikaTop®-107 Protection in gray, based on PMES cement.
      5. Shielding mortars and concrete from frost and de-icing salt effects (channels, sidewalks, cornices, cantilevers, road slabs, parapets).
      6. Protection on the underside of bridges and in the presence of humidity (condensation). Apply protective coating after concrete repair with SikaTop®, Sika® MonoTop®, SikaRep® mortars (refer to relevant product instructions).
      7. Waterproofing coatings: Interior coatings for pools, tanks, reservoirs (CCT No. 33).


      Ease of Use:

      • Pre-dosed product Complies with NF P 95103 requirements for concrete protection work
      • Applicable on damp surfaces
      • Protects concrete against carbonation
      • Waterproof, vapor-permeable
      • Strong adhesion to concrete, mortar, stone, brick
      • High resistance to abrasion and erosion
      • Excellent frost and de-icing salt resistance
      • "Flexible" mortar compared to traditional mortar.


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