Sikaflex® PRO-11 FC (Fast-setting adhesive-sealant) - 300ml pouches

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The Sikaflex® PRO-11 FC Purform® Adhesive sealant in pouches by Sika

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The Sikaflex® PRO-11 FC Purform® is a one-component adhesive-sealant with very low monomer content (compliant with the new REACH regulations).

The Sikaflex® PRO-11 FC Purform® rapidly polymerizes upon exposure to air moisture, transforming into a flexible material that offers:

  • High adhesion.
  • Permanent elasticity.
  • Non-drip properties.
  • Excellent resistance to aging and weathering.



The characteristics of Sikaflex® PRO-11 FC Purform® make it the ideal product for flexible bonding, especially for applications subjected to shocks or vibrations, and for sealing joints both indoors and outdoors in construction.

Bonding applications for finishing elements:

  • Flashing strips.
  • Concrete or terracotta tiles.
  • Apron flashing on window sills (in addition to mechanical fixing, refer to NF DTU 36.5).
  • Concrete fascia (in addition to mechanical fixing).
  • Cover joints on facades.
  • Metal angles for plaster edges.
  • Decorative or soundproof wood panels indoors.
  • Wood-concrete panels (for shimming only).


  • Light precast joints and joints in carpentry (aluminum and wood).
  • Floor joints in areas with potentially heavy foot traffic but without mechanical stress or indentation.


  • Sealing around ventilation ducts.
  • Acoustic insulation of pipes between concrete and sleeves.
  • Caulking between partitions, and filling of cracks.



The Sikaflex® PRO-11 FC Purform® offers the following benefits:

  1. Rapid Polymerization: It quickly polymerizes when exposed to air moisture, allowing for faster bonding and sealing processes.

  2. High Adhesion: The adhesive-sealant exhibits strong adhesion properties, ensuring reliable and durable bonding of various materials.

  3. Permanent Elasticity: Once cured, it maintains its flexibility and elasticity over time, accommodating movements and preventing cracks or failures.

  4. Non-Drip: Its non-drip formulation ensures easy application and avoids messy and wasteful application.

  5. Excellent Resistance: The product demonstrates outstanding resistance to aging and harsh weather conditions, providing long-lasting performance in indoor and outdoor applications.



The Sikaflex® PRO-11 FC Purform® is recommended for use as a sealant applied to a joint on a closed-cell polyethylene foam backing, specifically the Sika® joint backing materials.

Cure Time: Non-slump behavior: 0 mm (20 mm bead at 23°C) - (ISO 7390)

Ambient Air Temperature: Applicable between +5°C to +40°C.

Relative Air Humidity: Suitable between 30% to 90%.

Substrate Temperature: Ensure the substrate temperature is between +5°C to +40°C.

Substrate Moisture: The substrate should be dry. Dew point: The temperature of the substrate must be 3°C above the dew point. Ensure there is no risk of water condensation on the substrate.

Polymerization Rate: Approximately 4 mm in 24 hours at +23°C and 50% relative humidity (CQP 049-2).

Skin Formation Time: Approximately 50 minutes at +23°C and 50% relative humidity (CQP 019-1).

Please follow these guidelines for optimal application and performance of Sikaflex® PRO-11 FC Purform® in your project.


Download Technical sheet here.

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