SikaFill® 100 (Elastic waterproofing covering for roofing)

Colour: White
Size: 5 Kg
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Sika SikaFill® 100 - Elastic waterproofing covering for roofing

 sika mauritius

SikaFill®-100 is a 1-component, coloured, water based, elastic coating in the form of emulsion, featuring creamy consistency, based on styrene-acyrlic copolymers. After curing it forms a flexible, long term resistant waterproofing membrane.


      • Waterproofing of roofs on various substrates, such as fibre reinforced mortars, zinc, aluminium, wood, bricks, mortars, roof tiles, concrete, bituminous felts with aluminium as final coating, e.t.c.
      • Protection of partition walls against surface water filtrations: Vertical side walls, pipings, bridging of joints and fissures, zinc eave gutters, treatment of meeting points in chimneys e.t.c.

      For application on PVC or polyester substrates and/on painted substrates, it is advisable to carry out previous on-site tests to determine compatibility and whether it i


        • Impermeable against rain and splashes
        • Highly elastic
        • Resistant against weather ageing Easy application with traditional methods (cold applied)
        • Good penetration to substrate
        • Substrate micro-crack bridging
        • Good adhesion to various substrates
        • Water based, non-toxic, non-flammable

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