Sika Conservado® SP (Hydrophobic Facade Waterproofer) - 5L

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Sika Conservado® SP - Highly Protective Facade Waterproofer - 5L

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Conservado® SP is a ready-to-use solvent-based colorless liquid. Conservado is an invisible waterproofing hydrophobic agent for façade and roof protection.


    • Facade waterproofing
    • Protects construction materials from runoff water: Conservado® SP is applied on concrete, masonry, stone, brick, fiber cement, etc.


    • Enhances facade's resistance to water penetration.
    • Provides an invisible treatment that preserves the original appearance of the surface.
    • Improves resistance to dirt and reduces attachment of moss, lichens, etc.
    • Allows air permeability: the surface can "breathe."
    • Can be coated with various paints: pre-testing recommended.
    • Offers lasting water repellency due to significant penetration power.
    • Does not alter the porosity of the surfaces.


    View Product Data Sheet here.

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