Sika Boom® Polyurethane (Expanding Foam)

Size: 500 ML
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Sika Boom®-151 Multiposition - Polyurethane foam for all orientations 

 sika mauritius

Sika Boom®-151 Multiposition is a self-expanding, one-component polyurethane foam in a manual aerosol can. Its special formulation allows for multiposition use (application from any angle).

  • Application in all orientations: "upside down" or "upright"
  • Easy-to-use valve and nozzle
  • One-component, ready to use


      The product is designed for:

      1. Insulation and filling of cavities and voids.
      2. Filling cavities around window and door frames.
      3. Thermal and acoustic insulation.
      4. Filling around pipes and duct penetrations.

      The product can be used for both interior and exterior applications.



        • Application in all orientations: "upside down" or "upright".
        • Easy-to-use valve and nozzle.
        • One-component, ready to use.
        • Can be cut, sanded, and painted. Excellent insulation.
        • Provides thermal insulation and seals against drafts.
        • Fills voids to reduce noise.
        • Strong adhesion on various construction materials.
        • Reinforced valve for better sealing.
        • Extended shelf life.
        • Does not contain chlorinated paraffins.


        Product details:

        Indoor Air Emissions (Decree No. 2011-321 of March 23, 2011): A+ "very low emissions" *Information on the level of volatile substances emission in indoor air, with a risk of toxicity by inhalation, on a class scale ranging from A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions). VOC Emission: GEV-Emicode classification EC1PLUS.



        Product Temperature: Optimal: +20 °C Allowed: +5 °C min. / +30 °C max.

        Ambient Air Temperature: Optimal: +20 °C Allowed: +5 °C min. / +35 °C max.

        Substrate Temperature: Optimal: +20 °C Allowed: +5 °C min. / +35 °C max.

        Curing Speed: Possible to cut with a cutter after 1h30 to 4h, depending on ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, volume, etc.).

        Dry to Touch Time: Approximately 8 minutes.


        Download Product Data Sheet here.

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