Sika BlackSeal® BT (Joint sealant and adhesive) - 300ml

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Sika BlackSeal® BT -   Butyl rubber construction joint sealant and adhesive (bitumen based)

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Sika BlackSeal® BT is a butyl rubber, high solids, joint sealant and adhesive. The high solids formulation provides excellent gap filling properties without shrinkage.

  •  1-part ready to use
  •  Dual use sealant and adhesive
  • Good adhesion to a range of substrates


     Sealing, bonding and repairing:

    • Bitumen roof felt
    • Walls
    • Other non-structural building elements
    • For interior and exterior use



    • 1-part ready to use
    • Dual use sealant and adhesive
    • Good adhesion to a range of substrates
    • Does not require primer
    • Can be applied on damp substrates


    Product details:

    Chemical Base: Butyl rubber

    Shelf Life: 24 months from date of production

    Storage Conditions: The product must be stored in original, unopened and undamaged packaging in dry conditions at temperatures between +5 °C and +25 °C. Always refer to packaging.

    Density: ~1,80 kg/l

    Solid Content: ~85 %




    Backing Material: Use closed cell, polyethylene foam backing rod

    Sag Flow: < 3 mm (20 mm profile, 23 °C) (ISO 7390)

    Ambient Air Temperature: +5 °C min. / +40 °C max.

    Substrate Temperature: +5 °C min. / +40 °C max. Minimum +3 °C above dew point temperature

    Tack Free Time: ~25 minutes


    Download Product Data Sheet here.

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