Pressure vessel SuperFlow™ Tank - 500L (4 Bar / 58psi)

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Pressure vessel SuperFlow™ Tank - 300L (4 Bar / 58psi) SMB-500LV 


Maximum working pressure: 16bar / 232psi
Tank pre charge: 4bar / 58psi

Dimension: 156.5cm  x 76.0cm



SuperFlow™ series tanks are ideally suited for applications where high-volumes and/or high-pressure ratings are required. These applications may include pressure booster systems, hot water circulation systems as well as water hammer arresting in high-rise and multistory buildings such as hotels, hospitals or business centers.

Applications include:

The interchangeable membrane design allows the end user to replace the membrane as required, and the built-in pressure gauge (available on 100 L /26.4 G models and above) allows for easy and efficient pressure monitoring.

SuperFlow series tanks are designed to the EN13831:2007 technical standard and produced in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

SuperFlow series tank volumes range 50 – 10,000 L / 60 – 2,640 G making SuperFlow one of the most comprehensive pressure tank lines globally.


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