PEX B with Red Corrugated Pipe 1216 (50 Mts Roll)

Sale priceRs 4,090.00


Brand : EASY FIT

For Hot water

Inner / Outer dimension: 12 / 16

Application: for in-wall or in-concrete use

Length: 50m roll


EASY FIT Pipe protects 100% of the metallic components of the water
distribution from corrosion caused by oxygen diffusion by regular
PEX closed-loop water systems.

Easy Fit pipe has most of the advantages of plastic pipe and metallic pipe. Its
advantages are easy bending, anti-rust, non-corrosion, and acid resistance. It is widely
used in the transportation of hot and cold water, beverages, gases, heating liquid or
shipbuilding pipes.

The inner and outer layers of composite multilayer EASY FIT pipe are PEX; and its
middle layer is aluminum combined with bonder.


With Easy Fit piping system, the installation is rapid and simple. The connection does not
require any skilled labor nor welding, bond, or girdle. One may save up to 40% of the labour time when compared to the installation of the classical pipe. Cut the pipe, place the fitting, screw and it's over.

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