Pentax Press Control New H1

Type: Press Control (Max12A)
Sale priceRs 4,680.00


Pentax Press Control New H1 for water pumps (Automatic)

Pentax Pumps Hidromatic H1 Electronic Flow Control

1. Complete replacement of the traditional water system set consisting on pressure switch and pressure tank
2. Control the starting of the electric pump after a pressure decrease (taps opening) and stopping when the fluid flow interrupt at the maximum pressure level of the electric pumps (taps closing)
3. Protection against dry running
4. Starting pressure adjustable during the installation
5. Standard 1”M hydraulic connections
6. Installation in any position - both vertical and horizontal according
to the flow direction
7. Easily replaceable electronic printed circuit board 8. No need of maintenance

Power supply - 230V ac ± 10% 50/60Hz
Max rated current - 12 A
Starting pressure range - 1 - 3,5 bar
Max pressure - 10 bar
Protection degree - IP65
Max fluid temperature - 55 °C
Max ambient temperature - 55 °C


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