Pedrollo Submersible Water Pump 0.5HP - 180 Lts/min (for dirty water)

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Pedrollo Submersible Pump 0.5HP - 180 Lts/min (for dirty water)


The TOP-VORTEX pump is suitable for use with dirty water that is not chemically aggressive towards the materials from which the pump is made. Because of the design solutions that have been adopted, such as the complete cooling of the motor and the shaft with double seal, these pumps are easy to use and reliable. They are suitable for use in applications such as clearing dirty water, emptying tanks, discharging domestic waste water, and for emptying collection traps containing suspended solids up to a maximum of Ø 25 mm

Flow & pressure sensing device for control and protection of single-phase pumps up to 2 HP (for domestic applications).
It starts the pump when there is a drop in system pressure (e.g.
a tap opening) and stops the pump when the flow drops below
2 l/min (tap closed).

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