Orvibo Smart RGB relay

Sale priceRs 1,300.00 MUR


Warranty: 1 year

The RGB relay is designed to control RGB strip lights and RGB panel light. With the ZigBee RGB relay, users can change the color and brightness of RGB lights by the HomeMate APP on smartphones.


  • ZigBee automatic networking technology, no need to pair codes, easy to use
  • Support 16 millions of colors, support 2700K to 6500K color temperature control
  • Power off memory function. no need to access ZigBee network again when power is off
  • Compatible with most V+signal strip lights and panel lights on market
  • Support DC12V and DC24V
  • Support making scenes
  • Mesh networking


Model No.: CC10ZW

Size:  70*70*23mm(L*W*H)

Power supply:  DC12V&DC24V

Max load current:  20A

Working frequency:  2.4GHz

Wireless Transmit power:  20dBm

Static power consumption:  <0.1W

Wireless receiving sensitivity:  ≥-90dBm

Protocol:  ZigBee HA

Networking mode:  ZigBee automatic networking

Encryption:  AES128

Distance:  no limit

Working temperature:  -20~60°C

Working humidity:  ≤80%


ZigBee RGB Relay ×1

Screws ×2

Screw cap ×2

After-sales service card ×1

Manual ×1

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