Orvibo Mixpad panel

Sale priceRs 18,500.00


Warranty: 1 year

MixPad Multifunctional Panel

With built-in powerful processors and environmental sensors, MixPad integrates a variety of interactive methods compatible with a variety of IoT protocols, through AI and big data to create beautiful, convenient and smart life.

  • All-in-one Wall Interaction

    The simpler, the better

  • Multi-protocol Smart Home Gateway

    Support four communication protocols
    and connect all smart devices.

  • Scenario-based Home Service

    Big data and AI tech support
    for MixPad

Interactive Experience

Mixpad combines with the 4 interactive ways of Button click, Screen touch, Voice and App Control. MixPad creates control rules in different distance, such as far, near, mid-range, etc., which achieves an efficient and systematic interaction experience.

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