Netatmo Connected Light Switch Arteor (with Neutral)

Finish: White
Sale priceRs 3,030.00


Connected light switch Legrand Arteor with Netatmo with neutral 250W - 1 module - colour in white, magnesium, champagne or soft alu

Product characteristics

Connected light switches Arteor with Netatmo
Switch with neutral 250 W, wired, 1 module

  • Mechanisms supplied with cover plates, to be equipped with support frames and plates
  • For local or remote control of lighting
  • Can be controlled by one or more wireless light switches or mechanical 2-way switches
  • Compatible with all loads
  • Can be installed in place of an existing switch in a flush-mounting box 35 mm deep
  • Locator and indicator LED function
  • White


General characteristics

Connected home - connected light switches

  • Used to create your connected installation, require prior installation of a gateway pack for connected installation

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