Legrand Time Delay Relays 8A - 250V

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On/Off Delay: ON' delay
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Warranty: 2 years

Legrand Time Delay Relays 8A - 250V. Affordable, perfect for your build.

Time delay relays - 12 to 230 V~

  • For controlling the switching ON or OFF of a circuit (lighting, ventilation, automation, signalling) in operation for a specific time from 0.1 sec to 100 hrs
  • Supply voltage: 12 to 230 V~ (50/60 Hz) and =
  • Output: 8 A - 250 V~ - μ cos ϕ = 1 per inverter contact

Time delay relays
ON delay

  • Delays load switch-on (alarm, lighting, contactor)
  • The time period starts when the relay is switched ON.
  • At the end of the time period (T), the load is switched ON
  • Number of modules : 1

Time delay relays
OFF delay

  • Delays load switch-off (ventilation, etc.)
  • The time period (T) starts with the opening of the non-illuminated switch or pushbutton
  • At the end of the time period, the load is switched OFF
  • Number of modules : 1

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