Legrand Square LED Surface Mounting Panels Lights 6500K Daylight - 50W (595x595)

Wattage Lumens: 50W | 4500lm (595x595 mm)
Sale priceRs 3,266.00



  • 50W : 595x595 mm

Warranty: 2 years

Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital infrastructures, offering high value added products and solutions for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Product characteristics

Legrand LED ceiling light, easy installation by external power supply with connector; Color rendering index greater than 80; Supply voltage 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz; Beam angle 120 °; Protection class II; Lifespan up to 30,000 hours, protection class IP 20, housing material: aluminum;

Suitable for wall mounting: No

Suitable for pendulum suspension: Yes

Suitable for ceiling mounting: Yes

Suitable for installation: Yes

Suitable for mounting: No

Suitable for light band configuration: No

Screen workstation suitable for EN 12464-1: No

Lamps: LED not interchangeable

With bulbs: Yes

Suitable for number of bulbs: 1

Version: Other

Material of the housing: Aluminum

Housing color: Know

Material of the cover: Plastic opal

Execution of the grid: Without

Type of voltage: Ac

Voltage: 100...240 V

LED rated current at constant current: 225...540 mA

Gear: LED control unit power-controlled

With control unit: Yes

Dimming 0-10 V: No

Dimming 1-10 V: No

Dimmung DALI: No

Dimming DMX: No

Dimming DSI: No

Dimming potentiometer (device-integrated): No

Dimming GPRS: No

Dimming LineSwitch: No

Dimming manufacturer-specific: No

Dimming mains voltage modulation: No

Dimming phase section: No

Dimming phase cut: No

Dimming programmable: No

Dimmung RF: No

Dimming Sine Wave Reduction: No

Dimg Touch and Dim: No

Dimming Zigbee: No

Dimming with push-button: No

Dimming depends on the control unit: No

Without dimming function: Yes

Light distributors: Diffuser lens/optic/panel

Distribution: Symmetrical

Radiance angle: free-beaming/diffuse

Light outlet: Indirectly

Energy efficiency class of the fixed light bulb: A++, A+, A (LED)

Rated life L70/B50 at 25 °C: 35000 h

Rated life L80/B50 at 25 °C: 30000 h

Rated life L90/B50 at 25 °C: 25000 h

Protection (IP): IP20

Impact: IK00


Luminaire with limited surface temperature "D-sign": No

Design environment temperature according to IEC62722-2-1: 0...40 °C

Suitable for emergency lighting: No

With motion detector: No

With light sensor: No

Cover of the luminaire with thermal insulation material possible: No

With air slits: No

Suitable for lamp performance: 50...50 W

Max system performance: 50 W

Rated luminous flux according to IEC 62722-2-1: 4500 lm

Light: Know

Color: 6500...6500 K

Color rendering index CRI: 80-89

Light light yield: 90 lm/W

Width: 595 mm

Height/depth: 23 mm

Length: 595 mm

Installation length: 595 mm

Width: 595 mm

Installation height/depth: 10 mm

Number of poles: 2

Manufacturer: Legrand

Type: 064564

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