Legrand Breaker - MCB DNX³ - C Curve (1P + N) - Choose from 2A to 32A

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Amp: 2A
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Warranty: 2 years

Legrand MCBs DNX³ - C Curve 1P+NL 4500A/6kA.

Affordable, perfect for your build.

DNX³, Phase+Neutral modular circuit breaker with fully visible breaking for control, protection and isolation of electrical circuits

DNX³ uni circuit breaker + neutral 230V~

breaking capacity:

- 4500A compliant with standard NF EN 60891-1 - 230V~ - 50Hz for residential installations

- 6kA conforming to standard EN 60947-2 - 230V~

Output protection: high input and low output by screw terminals

Rated current - Curve C (magnetic tripping between 5In and 10In) - 1 module

For optimized universal single-pole (phase or neutral) or four-pole HX³ busbar

- Allows flying tests (voltage presence) to be carried out Receives DX³ auxiliaries and accessories - IP20 touch-protected terminals, wired device

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