Legrand ELOÉ 1 Gang single tv socket - female type

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Legrand ELOÉ 1 gang single tv socket - female type

Product charateristics

Product charateristics
  • Check diametre
  • ELOE is sold as a complete set under one cat number
  • LTE protected class A level
  • Attenuation loss 1,5 dB
  • Glossy white finish
Recommendations / Restrictions
  • Looping connection unadapted. Recommended inside use only


Product Description:

Ensure precision in your electrical setup with the Legrand ELOÉ 1 gang single tv socket, available for purchase on electrical.mu. This tool is designed to provide accurate measurements and ensure that your electrical connections meet the highest standards.

Key Features:

  • Precise Measurement: The check diameter tool ensures precise measurements for your electrical connections, allowing you to maintain the highest levels of accuracy.

  • LTE Protection: With LTE protection at class A level, it's designed to offer superior performance and reliability.

  • Attenuation Loss: Featuring an attenuation loss of 1.5 dB, it ensures minimal signal loss, maintaining the integrity of your electrical connections.

  • Glossy White Finish: The check diameter tool boasts a glossy white finish, adding a modern and professional touch to your equipment.

Recommendations / Restrictions:

  • Looping connection unadapted.

  • Recommended for indoor use only.

Upgrade your electrical setup with the Legrand ELOÉ Check Diameter. Its precision measurement capabilities, LTE protection, and ease of use make it an essential tool for maintaining the quality and reliability of your electrical connections.

Experience the Legrand difference – buy online on electrical.mu in Mauritius and worldwide and ensure precision in your electrical setup today!

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