Legrand ELOÉ 1-Gang Multistandard Switch Socket 16A

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Legrand ELOÉ 1-Gang Multistandard Switch Socket 16A


  • Product line: Eloe socket switch , Legrand socket switch
  • Current: 16A
  • Number of poles: 2P+E
  • Voltage: 250VAC
  • Multi-purpose socket with safety screen for children
  • Compatible with many types of plugs, with power switch
  • Made from PC plastic material, highly durable
  • Dimensions: 86x86mm
  • Glossy surface is easy to clean, less dusty
  • The product is suitable for square recessed base, comes with 2 3.5mm screws
  • Committed to genuine Legrand imported products
  • Manufacturer's standard warranty
  • Multi-purpose socket with switch Eloe 618067 has reasonable price, high durability


Product Description:

Upgrade your electrical sockets with the Legrand ELOÉ 1-Gang Multistandard Switch Socket 16A, available for purchase on electrical.mu. This versatile socket offers a wide range of features, making it a valuable addition to your electrical setup.

Key Features:

  • Complete Set: Sold as a complete set under one cat number, the ELOÉ Multistandard Socket ensures convenience in your electrical projects.

  • Versatile Compatibility: This socket is designed to be multi-purpose, compatible with various plug types, and equipped with a power switch for added functionality.

  • Child Safety: It includes a safety screen for children, prioritizing safety in your home or office.

  • Enhanced Durability: Made from high-quality PC plastic material, it's highly durable and built to withstand everyday use.

  • Glossy White Finish: The socket boasts a glossy white finish, adding a modern and professional touch to your electrical configurations.

  • Easy Maintenance: The glossy surface is easy to clean and less prone to dust buildup, ensuring a clean appearance.

  • Quick Installation: Suitable for square recessed bases, it comes with 2 3.5mm screws for hassle-free installation.

  • Legrand Quality: Rest assured that you are purchasing genuine Legrand imported products, backed by the manufacturer's standard warranty.

  • Reasonable Price: The ELOÉ Multistandard Switch Socket offers a reasonable price for its high durability and versatility.

Upgrade your electrical sockets with the Legrand ELOÉ 1-Gang Multistandard Switch Socket 16A. Its combination of versatility, safety, and durability makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of electrical needs.

Experience the Legrand difference – buy online on electrical.mu in Mauritius and worldwide and enhance your electrical setup today!

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