ITAP Non Return Valve Block

Dimension: 1/2
Sale priceRs 150.00 MUR


Suitable for domestic water services, heating, air-conditioning plants and compressed air.
They can be installed in any position: vertical, horizontal, oblique.

Body in brass.
Plate in polymer.
O-ring in NBR.
Spring: stainless steel.
Minimum and maximum working temperatures: -20°C, 100°C.
Threads: ISO 228 (equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228).


1/2" (DN 15) 12bar/174psi
3/4" (DN 20) 12bar/174psi
1" (DN 25) 12bar/174psi
1"1/4 (DN 32) 10bar/145psi
1"1/2 (DN 40) 10bar/145psi
2" (DN 50) 10bar/145psi

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