Fumagalli Post GINO400 6W CTT E27 400MM (Grey)

Body Finish: Grey
Sale priceRs 12,222.00 MUR Regular priceRs 13,445.00 MUR


Modern luminaries made of shockproof resin material, UV-rays stabilized, rust and corrosion-free. Suitable for post top installation. Supplied with flat diffuser granting no upward light emission. Provided with high temperature resistant ceiling suitable for horizontal bulb fixation and with aluminum reflector to optimize the light distribution. Designed according to the international regulations against light pollution (standard UNI 10819 – Intallation area: Zone 1). Insulation class II, Protection rating IP65. 

SIZE: width: 480mm ; length: 480mm ; height: 715mm
WEIGHT: 5 700gr
WIRING: E27, E40, Mbf/Son/Hqi
INSTALLATION: post top, wall
DIFFUSER COLOR: opal clear

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