Corflex PP (Polypropylene) Corrugated Conduit - 100M Grey (Isogris)

Size: 20mm
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Corflex PP (Polypropylene) Corrugated Conduit - 100M Grey (Isogris)

Available in 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm

Commonly known as Isogris

Field of application : Pliable conduits systems for cable management

Classification coding : Heavy duty 3422

Application area : Electrical installations in residential buildings exposed or embedded  (walls/cladding/tiles)

Trade mark : Corflex
Material : Polypropylene
Colour : Grey, Blue

All domestic cables inside building installation(Non flame propagating)

-Embedded in wall plaster, pre-cast concrete

Polyolefine (PP) material , ICTA 3422 (750 N / 6 Joules / -5° & 90°C)
Pre-installed pulling wire.
100% recyclable / Mono skin / Non UV

Geometrical Characteristics
-Nominal outside diameters
-Wall Thickness (plain conduit)

Mechanical Characteristics
-Resistance to Compression
-Resistance to Impact

According to temperature
- Lower temperature
- Upper temperature

Standard Requirements
As per BS EN 61386-22
Clause 8.2 Table 101 size only (BS EN 61386-22)
Annex B 8.1 BS EN 61386-1

Clause 10.2 (BS EN 61386-1) Medium duty (750N) Clause 10.3 (BS EN 61386-1) Heavy duty

Clause 6.2.1 Table 1 BS EN 61386-1 (-5°C)
Clause 6.2.2 Table 2 BS EN 61386-1 +90°C

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