Hager Contactor 2P | 2NC

Current: 40A
Sale priceRs 2,737.00


Technical Characteristics
Frequency: 50 Hz
Rated operational voltage Ue: 400 V
Rated insulation voltage: 440 V
Command voltage AC: 230 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage: 4 kV
Acceptable current load with AC7 category A: 40 A | 63A
Acceptable current load with AC7 category B: 25 A | 32A
Thermal rated current outside of housings: 40 A | 63A
Inrush power absorbed: 62,5 W
Operating consumption: 5,75 W
Contact rating with 230 V in AC7 category A: 7,3 kW | 11,6 kW
Contact rating with 230 V in AC7 category B: 2,6 kW | 3,3 kW
Contact rating with 400 V in AC7 category A: 22 kW | 35 kW
Contact rating with 400 V in AC7 category B: 7,8 kW
Power loss per contact:

3,2 W | 5.0 W


Total power loss under IN: 12,15 W
Power dissipation per coil: 0,5 W
Time of response when closing: 25 ms
Time of response when opening: 20 ms
Winding resistance: 770 Ω
Electric endurance in number of cycles: 30000
Number of mechanical operations: 1000000
Depth of installed product: 60 mm
Height of installed product: 85 mm
Width of installed product: 54 mm
Max. load fluorescent lamp: 1900 VA | 3000VA
Max. power with fluorescent parallel lamps: 1300 VA | 2100VA
Fluorescent lamps in duo circuit: 3000 VA | 4700VA
Max. power with incandescent lamps: 4000 W | 6500W
Tightening torque: Coil: 2,5Nm, Power: 3,5Nm
Max cable connect. cross section (flexible) for control: 1 to 6 mm²
Connection cross-section of the control cable solid: 1 to 10 mm²
Connection cross-sect. rigid cable: 4 /25mm²
Connection cross-sect. flexible conductor: 4 / 16mm²
Type of connection: with screw
Number of contacts: 2
Type of contacts: 2NC
Can be accessorized: yes
Local operation/hand operation: no
European directive WEEE: concerned
Protection class: isol.class II
Protection index IP: 2
Storage temperature: -40 to 80 °C

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