Copper Bonded Ground Rod - Choose from 2 ft to 10 ft

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Length: 2ft (600mm) with 12mm thickness
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Copper Bonded Ground Rod - Available from 2 ft to 10 ft, bonded in 0.25mm thickness

Copper-bonded earth rods are the industry-standard and offer the installer the most cost-effective means of achieving a low-resistance path to earth (ground).

Each rod has a high tensile strength, low-carbon steel core onto which a 99.95% pure copper layer is electrolytically bonded with a 0.25mm (254microns) typical thickness.

The resultant product is ideal for extension and deep driving by power hammers. These copper bonded rods provide superb corrosion resistance and and excellent earth path.

Copper-bonded steel is manufactured through a continuous electro-plating process of copper over steel core, resulting in a permanent molecular bond between the two materials.

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