Ariston 6 Speed Instant Gas Water Heater 6L/min

Sale priceRs 9,419.00


Ariston 6 Speed Gas Water Heater 6L

Ariston 6 Speed wall-hung Gas Water Heater 6L has a modern design with external temperature regulation, outstanding heating technology, Titanium lining and easy inspection characteristics.

Technical Data:


Capacity (L): 6L

Weight (net): 11,2 [kg]

Required Flow Rate - Combustion air: 18.9 m3/h

Max Capacity Fumes (G20): 6.9IP

Nominal heat input (min - max): 10 [kW]

Nominal heat output (min - max): 5 [kW]

Water pressure (min - max: 10 [bar]

Batteries: 2x1.5V


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