Ariston Nuos PRIMO HC Heat Pump Water Heater 200L

Sale priceRs 120,750.00


Ariston NUOS PRIMO HC Heat Pump Water Heater 240L

NUOS is a heat pump that uses a natural and inexhaustible source of energy: the heat of the air. Thanks to its technology, NUOS extracts heat from the air to heat water, expending a minimum amount of energy. This way, 75% of the heat generated is free, without giving up the usual comfort. Ideal for new homes, as a complement to a solar thermal installation: improves the energy rating of the building.

Floor standing monoblock model. The heat pump revolution with new efficiency standards thanks to the use of heat in the air as a source of renewable energy to obtain greater comfort and energy savings.

Technical Data:

Capacity: 200L

Power: 2,7kW

Voltage: 230V

Heating Time: 6,16 h, min

Heat Dispersion (standby losses): 28 W

Max Working Temperature: 75ºc


Weight: 87kg


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