Legrand Incara White Ø80mm Surface Socket with USB Type-A+C Charger - 2m

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Incara Disq 80 2P+E Surface socket, USB Type-A+C charger, RJ45 category 6 FTP socket - 2m cord with 2P+E plug - white Ø80mm

Incara Disq 80 is a solution designed for nomadic workers. Incara Disq 80 fits into a 79mm diameter hole and offers a power outlet, USB charging and network access in a small footprint

Product characteristics

  • Finish taken: white
  • Plate finish: white
  • Drilling diameter 79mm
  • Comes with fixing ring

Technical characteristics

  • Model: Recessed
  • Liftable: No
  • Stretchable:No
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Height: 113mm
  • Installation depth: 109mm
  • Diameter: 105mm
  • Number of French standard sockets (type E): 1
  • Number of USB connections: 2
  • Number of CAT 6 connections: 1
  • Protection against overvoltage: No
  • With built-in USB power supply: Yes
  • Nominal voltage: 250V
  • Protection index (IP): IP20
  • Impact protection index (IK): IK07
  • Antibacterial treatment: No
  • Operating temperature: -5-35°C
  • Storage temperature: -10-70°C
  • Voltage type: AC
  • Supply current: 16-16A
  • Standby consumption: 0.06mA
  • Connection terminal identification indication: Yes
  • Halogen-free: No
  • pre-wired: Yes
  • Terminal type: Not applicable
  • Terminal capacity: 2.5-2.5 mm²
  • Equipped with a label holder: No
  • EAN/Gencode: 3414972001458


  • Fixing ring with quick step

THE + facility

Fits into a standard 80mm diameter.

THE + use

Integrated and compact electrification solution

Recommendations/restrictions of use

  • To be embedded in furniture thickness 1-40mm

Information on the range

Incara, a new range of electrification products dedicated to furniture, improves users' lives by providing them with functionality, ergonomics, comfort and speed of installation, in any type of space: in the office, at home, in a hotel, a cafe or an airport. The diversity of solutions allows for harmonious integration into all furniture. Trendy, Incara finishes help to enhance spaces with aesthetics and modernity. Incara, a simple way for users to stay connected anywhere, anytime and anywhere.

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