ABB Terra Electric Vehicle AC Charger 11 kW

Sale priceRs 75,325.00


ABB AC Charger Model Terra AC W11-G5-R-0

AC charger for electric vehicles, type 2

Power supply network: 380 … 415 V Three phase, 50Hz

Built in energy meter (1% accurate),

Power management / smart charging.

Rated 11kW, Imax: 16A, Cable 5 m, type 2, Available with RFID and 4G Option

Also currently available with mobile app that can be downloaded currently for free on Appstore or playstore as ChargerSync.


ABB Terra AC 11 kW  with cable 

High-value quality

• One of the best-value charger on the market

• Broad range of connectivity options

• Space-saving and easy-to-install design


Safety and protection

• Evaluated and tested by independent third party to meet the highest standards

• Current limiting protection prevents against nuisance tripping and over current to the installation

• Integrated protections including DC ground fault and over voltage


Load management

• Built-in energy meter

• Manual or automated (dynamic) load management

• Setup for external energy meter integration for dynamic load management

• Ready for integration with advanced smart building energy system


Future proof flexibility

• Smart functionality for optimised charging

• Energy meter integration for dynamic load management

• Dedicated App for control and configuration

• Remote software update enabled 


Charge scheduling ‘Peak shaving’

• Set your charging time-slots (schedule) to avoid peak electricity prices f.e. evening tariff

Download Brochure here.


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