Instant vs Storage Water Heaters - What's the difference?

Water geysers or water heaters are a common source of hot water for bathing and other purposes in a household in Mauritius. No matter what the use is, they are convenient, efficient, and, most importantly, hygienic. There are various parameters that you would consider before coming to a conclusion including the performance, cost, and durability of the water heater. 

Waters heaters are available in electric or gas in both instant and storage solutions.

As the name suggests, an instant water heater heats the water at a given moment. But a storage water heater will require more time to heat up the water. The major difference between the two water heaters is in their design and performance. They equally do a great job of providing hot water but they have different functionality. 

Let's have a look at the major differences in water heaters available in Mauritius.

Difference between instant water heaters vs storage water heaters

1. Space

  • Instant water heater: When it comes to a household with limited space for a water heater, instant water heaters can be a good option. They are compact and don’t require much space. 
  • Storage water heater: For large families, storage water heaters are a suitable choice. They store hot water which can be used later by other family members. 

2. Number of Outlets in the house

  • Instant water heater: They only have one outlet available that will connect to a designated tap. This makes it convenient for a household with one bathroom. 
  • Storage water heater: These water heaters can provide hot water for an entire household with multiple bathrooms. You can use hot water from one storage water heater at the same time in different outlets. 

3. Time to heat

  • Instant water heater: The instant water heater has 3000/4500W high-quality copper heating element material that ensures quick water heating in minutes. The benefit of having instant water heaters is that you do not have to wait and the hot water is available instantly.
  • Storage water heater: In the case of a storage water heater, you have to wait for up to 10 minutes for the water to heat up. The water in the tank flows through an inlet pipe which is heated.
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