Vatan Flexible BLACK - 3 core x 4mm

Length: 100mts
Sale priceRs 9,353.00 MUR Regular priceRs 10,595.00 MUR


Vatan Cables FLEXIBLE H05VV-F 300-500V BLACK 3X4MM

Made in Turkey

Product characteristics

For n dry and wet places, household appliances, heaters etc.


Technıcal Data

Permissible operating temp. : 70 °C

Maximum short circuit temp. : 160 °C

Test voltage (AC): 2kV

Installation temp. min: -5 °C

Colour of outer sheath: White, Black

Technical Features

Rated Cross Section mm² 3 x 4
Overall Diameter of Cable (Approx) mm 11,30
Current Carrying Capacity  
Air -  32
Conductor DC Resistance  
ohm/km (20°C) - 4,95
Net Weight (Approx) kg/km 225

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