Mecatech TPH - Interior Purifying Treatment "FRESH AIR"

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TPH - Interior Purifying Treatment "FRESH AIR" Perfume Complete and rapid "One-Shot" treatment of the passenger compartment and the air conditioning system thanks to the micro-diffusion of the active ingredients. This product is certified effective against the coronavirus ("TGEV" according to the EN14476 + A2 protocol).

    Eliminates bacteria, mold and coronavirus. Destroys sources of bad odors and leaves a pleasant scent inside the vehicle. Also suitable for the interiors of boats, motorhomes, caravans, coaches, heavy goods vehicles and machinery. This treatment is recommended every 6 months for a healthy and pleasant interior. Clean the interior of the vehicle Start the engine, then Start the air conditioning, cold setting, in recirculation mode, ventilation at maximum Check that the air vents are open and the windows closed. Fully reverse the passenger seat. Shake the aerosol, then place it on the floor of the vehicle, on the passenger side, between the seat and the dashboard. Press firmly on the diffuser blade to clip it in spray. Close the vehicle and let the aerosol empty (3 to 4 minutes). Wait 10 minutes and ventilate the vehicle well. This treatment is recommended every 6 months for a healthy and pleasant interior.

    Use biocidal products with caution. Before use, read the label and product information.

    Flight. net: 210/125 mL

    Ref. MT051

    Please click here for technical data sheet.

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