Mecatech TC3 Petrol Injector Cleaner 300ml

Sale priceRs 345.00 MUR


Injection Complete Treatment

  • Cleans quickly the whole petrol injection system
  • Eliminate deposits
  • Restores optimal fuel consumption



    Clean quickly and completely the whole fuel injection system and the intake circuit. Clean without disassembling pumps and injectors. Eliminate deposits on valves and combustion chambers. Restores a normal operation and optimal mileage. Reduced the polluting emanations (4 gases test). Effective after only 30 to 60 miles. Treatment recommended all the 15 to 20.000 miles.

    300 ml treat 40 to 70 liters.

    Net.Vol : 300 mL

    Ref. MT003 Box of 12 flasks

    Please click here for technical data sheet.

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