Mecatech TC2 Petrol Octane Booster 300ml

Sale priceRs 345.00 MUR


Petrol Protection & Performances Treatment

  • Increase power
  • Protects the injection system and the engine top
  • Prevents engine knocking

Increase the octane number up to 5 points. Increase the power and the power output. Restore all the power to turbocharged engines. More important torque available at lower rpm. Lubricate and cleans the whole of the injection system and top high engine. Allows the use of the unleaded Fuels in the engines designed for the leaded gasoline. Eliminate the phenomena of valve’s seat recession. 300 ml treats 50 to 70 liters of Gasoline.

Net.Vol : 300 mL

Ref. MT002  - Box of 12 flasks

Please click here for technical data sheet.

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