Mecatech TC1 Petrol Injector Cleaner 200ml

Sale priceRs 288.00 MUR


Gasoline Preventive Treatment.

  • Protects the injection and Intake system
  • Cleans valves and EGR
  • Reduces fuel consumption 

Clean and protect the injection and intake systems (EGR valves). Clean the combustion chambers, the intake and exhaust vales. Makes the engine runs quieter and smother. Increased mileage from 3 to 5%. Decrease the polluting emanations (4 gases test). Adapted to all the injections systems technologies. To use every 5000 km for an optimum protection.

200 ml treat 40 to 70 litres.

Net.Vol :200 mL

Ref. : MT001 Box of 12 flasks


Please click here for technical data sheet.

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